The level of advancement taking place in the e-commerce industry has seen Australian companies penetrate the global market. With powerful platforms like Shopify, online shopping is becoming a better experience for online shoppers every day. With so many companies in India using Shopify as their e-commerce platform of choice, selling products online can only get better. Amazon which is a dominant name in the e-commerce industry is one of the selling channels that is now an option on Shopify. This is one combination that can benefit your company in many ways including;

  • A wider market reach

Some people never visit other websites apart from Amazon when they want to shop online. By listing your products on Amazon, you are reaching out to such online shoppers. A more extensive market is essential for any business, and that is why many companies in India today are combining Shopify and Amazon as a move to reach a more significant portion of the global market. With such aggressiveness, your company stands a better chance of selling products in many countries across the world in a short time.

  • A single inventory management system

One of the biggest worries of most online investors is how to manage an integrated company. The good thing is that even if you combine your Shopify and Amazon, you can still monitor and control things through your Shopify account and the changes will also be affected on Amazon. The importance of this is that you will avoid selling a single product more than once since you will not need to log in to Amazon separately to remove a marketed product from being visible on the site.

  • Secure

Security is another factor to consider when it comes to e-commerce. However, it’s imperative to note that Shopify and Amazon are some of the best-guarded e-commerce platforms known to the world. Thanks to the fact that they both have servers that have been modified to suit e-commerce activities. This way, manufacturers and investors don’t have to spend extra on protection.


Shopify and Amazon are maybe some of the most famous names in the world of e-commerce. Joining these two platforms to enhance your selling is one of the best moves you can ever make. However, you should know that when integrating Shopify and Amazon will cost you a little cash since you have to operate through a unique account. Additionally, you are only limited to sell products in USD.