Wondering how to grow the sales of your Shopify products? Easy, start selling your products on Amazon India!

Since 2012, Shopify merchants are selling on Amazon India. Do you want to get your piece of the pie? Are you looking for a strategy or new sales channel to grow your sales in the Indian marketplace? Look no further as this is the ideal business opportunity for you!

All you need is an Amazon account (this will cost you $39.99/month), apply for category approval, integrate your Amazon account to your Shopify store ( click + button, find Amazon and click Add Channel > Connect to Amazon), create listings for products, and start selling immediately!

Once you’ll integrate your Shopify store with Amazon marketplace, you will need to come up with an effective strategy for selling your products. Here are 4 great tips that can help you out:

  • Choose the right products to sell on Amazon India: Keep in mind that Amazon India has a different type of customers with different needs and preferences. Make a selection and choose the products that are popular on Amazon India. If you are familiar with multichannel marketing, you know that there are specific networks and marketplaces for specific products.
  • Provide all required product information: When customers are buying different types of products, the details that help them to make a purchase are always different. You need to make sure you provide all the necessary information and details about your Shopify products. Depending up the product category you’ve selected on Amazon India, there are different requirements for different products.
  • Staying competitive: Amazon India was established in 2012 which means that most of your competitors are already selling their products. In order for you to stay competitive, you can check the pricing strategy of your competition and compare the prices with yours. If you find some mistakes in their listings, use the opportunity. Make improvements in your product title, photo quality, and etc. to increase conversion. More topics about Amazon in India that you can see here
  • Use the promotional features: Amazon India has presented coupon codes for Indian customers. This can help you in increasing the sales of your products. The Amazon marketplace constantly launches events such as Great Indian Sale, Amazon Prime Day, End of the Season Clothing Sale, and more.

Sync your Shopify products to Amazon India now and start selling!