Trying to figure out what products to sell on Amazon India? Interested in selling on Amazon with Shopify but you are not sure what products or product categories are popular? Read and find out!

Amazon marketplace sells hundreds of millions of individual products. A lot of sellers have difficulty sorting through the market and discovering the best products or product categories to invest their time and effort into.

If you are already selling on Shopify, good for you. All you need to do right now is sync your online store with your Amazon account and start selling immediately. But, don’t you think that selection is necessary. Don’t you think that some products should be sold through the Shopify platform only?

There are over 20 categories available for selling on Amazon and products in these categories can be listed without permission from the Amazon team. Some categories allow listings for new items while others have specific guidelines that sellers must obey.

In this article, we will discuss what products Shopify merchants should sell on Amazon. What are the most popular and profitable product categories?

  • Books: Books are more popular than ever! After all, this is how Amazon got started, remember? If you are selling e-books or books made of paper and ink, this is another reason why you should take advantage of Shopify/Amazon integration and start selling your products to Amazon customers.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry items are constantly in demand. Regardless of whether you selling unique, luxury, hand-made or vintage jewelry, Amazon is the place for you. We also recommend you to market your products on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Shopify integrates with social media networks as well, so you can attract even more customers to your store.
  • Baby clothes, toys, and more: Babies don’t stay the same size for a long time, which is a good thing for you – they need a lot of things. Selling baby items is another great product to sell online on Amazon. The best thing about selling baby clothes, toys, and more is that they are inexpensive to pick up, durable, lightweight, and always in demand.
  • Exercise clothing: Workout wear is one of the most popular and profitable product categories on Amazon and now is time for you to take a piece of that pie. Most people prefer to buy new clothing wear, so if your Shopify store has something great to offer – you can increase the revenue even more.
  • Electronic accessories: We love our gadgets and we love our electronic accessories even more! Another great example of what you can sell on Amazon and be successful at it.

Make a selection, choose the right products, and start selling on Amazon today!

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